Food Adventures in California: Part III

Our last day in San Francisco was spent strolling along beautiful Fishermen’s Wharf. Around Pier 39, this beautiful building caught my eye.


A whole bakery dedicated to sourdough?! Don’t mind if I do…

The inside was even more captivating! The location on the Wharf is their flagship store with big glass windows where you can see the bakers working their magic. We couldn’t get over this adorable transport system that went from kitchen to counter:


Aw…look at those little bread baskets go! I picked up some goodies from the store to take home and ordered the Margherita Pizza which was perfectly delicious with an incredible sourdough crust (as expected).

Margherita Pizza from Boudin Bakery & Cafe

You can’t come to San Francisco and not have some chowder, right? And at the Wharf, there’s almost as many chowder places as there are people! Decided to try some at the infamous Crab House and even though I am not a shellfish fan, this chowder had my tastebuds dancing for quite a while.

Crab House

Good thing we did so much walking that day, because I was giddy with excitement over that evening’s dinner plans. We had reservations at Hubert Keller’s Fleur de Lys! Chef Keller is one of my favourite chefs and I couldn’t be more grateful for an opportunity to eat at his signature restaurant. It was an absolutely wonderful experience with exceptional service and an amazing prix fixe menu. The pictures below aren’t the greatest quality since they’re just quick snaps from my cell phone but I had to share them with you guys!

Top Left: Virgin Mango Guava Cosmopolitan. Left Center: First amuse-bouche compliments of the chef — Chilled Melon Soup & Pine Nut Currant Salad. Bottom Left: Second amuse-bouche — Pumpkin Gratin with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Top Right: Appetizer Course — Avocado & Frisée Salad with Seared Watermelon, Beets & Golden Panisses. Bottom Right: Second Course — Alaskan Halibut with Black Pepper Butter, Pea Greens, Carrot Emulsion, Pea Soup with Roasted Baby Carrots & Parmesan Cream.
Top: Third Course — Rye Crusted Scottish Salmon with Cabbage Three Ways, Buttered Rye Toast, Radishes, Picked Mustard Seed & Caraway Jus. Bottom Left: Dessert Course — Fleurburger (Lightly Spiced Dark Chocolate Ganache in a Home-made Beignet) with Banana Milkshake & Frozen Fennel Ice Cream. Bottom Right: Assortment of Madeleines and Tarts, compliments of the chef

Coming soon: Part IV of the series where we make our way back to LA and head to San Diego. And in case you missed them, here’s Part I and II.


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